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There has been some recent chatter about the lack of strong, proven standards for API authentication when using the REST paradigm. Recent discussions seem to suggest that 2-Legged OAuth2 is the de-facto champion for securing so called lightweight web services based on the REST paradigm. The trouble is, for all it's hype, Enterprises looking to secure critical parts of their B2B communication and supply chain tend to view OAuth2 similar to an excited, overanxious know-it-all teenager, one that you just don't trust quite yet. In fact, in talking with some of our potential customers the chief complaint is that OAuth2 doesn't have the same trusted track record as other established standards, most notably SAML. The problem is, SAML has no official binding for REST based API communication and it is often accused of being too heavyweight due to the XML and XML security pro... (more)

From ESBs to API Portals, an Evolutionary Journey | Part 2

In this article series we would like to build a case that API portals, with the Intel® API Manager and Intel® Expressway Service Gateway, powered by Mashery are representative examples, are the contemporary manifestations of the SOA movement that transformed IT in the early 2000s from IT as a cost center to an equal partner in a company’s  execution of a business strategy and revenue generation.  In the introductory article in Part 1 we discussed some of the business dynamics that led to cloud computing and the service  paradigm.  Let’s now take a closer look  at the SOA transf... (more)

EC2 Security: Bridging Enterprise Cloud Apps to the Mobile Mainland

The cloud holds enormous promise for improving agility, availability, and cost for app deployments. Amazon’s EC2 is especially attractive given the investments they have made in building out capacity around the world, allowing apps to be deployed where they are being used, minimizing latency. However, some enterprises are unsure about cloud deployments because of security concerns. In this post I will talk about how to enhance EC2 security to allow APIs to be deployed in the AWS cloud in a way that delivers enterprise-grade policy enforcement while fully realizing many of the c... (more)

API Management for Obamacare and

It's not every day that you hear about a software project on public media, but NPR and other public outlets are covering the troubled rollout of the website nearly hourly. As a software professional, the problems I was hearing about are common in a large software project, where multiple pieces of the final product are built independently and then integrated together at the end. We are in the Post-Website Era. APIs Can Help. The practical problem here is that it is too easy for disparate contractors working on just their piece to even understand how the whole will ... (more)

Enterprise APIs and OAuth: Have it All

Enterprises often frustrate developers. Why do Enterprises always seem so behind when it comes to the very latest technology? In particular, a trend we are seeing is the continued struggle to marry Enterprise authentication with the burgeoning world of REST APIs. Developers want to use REST, but Enterprises need enterprise grade API security. We think this problem will only worsen as Enterprises continue their rapid adoption of APIs. It seems clear that SOAP, while capable of Enterprise grade authentication through X.509 and SAML, will be left behind as the “Skinny jeans Faceboo... (more)